Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP (Lanjutan, Bagian - 2 )

 Lanjutan Soal-soal Bahasa Inggris. (untuk SMP)

26.  Guest                :  There is a vacant room, …

       Receptionist     :  Single room only, sir. 

       Guest                :  That’s okay, I’ll take it.


A.       aren’t they                    C.  isn’t they?


B.       Isn’t there?                   D.  Is it?


            Bacaan untuk soal nomor 27 sampai dengan 29.



27.  What is the type of the text?

     A.  an advertisement                C.  A notice

     B.  an announcement                D.  A letter


28.   Lake Hotel has the following facilities except …

     A.  children playground               C.  billiards

     B.  tennis court                             D.  sauna


29.  Which is NOT TRUE according to the text above?

     A.  Lake Hotel has function and conference rooms.

     B.  People can have Chinese food at Palm Hotel.

     C.  Booth hotels are located in Medan.

     D.  Lake Hotel is very far from Lake toba.



What is the main idea of the paragraph?

A.       How most young people spend their holiday.

B.       Young people like going abroad for a holiday.

C.       Most young people like going every where.

D.       These young people are going abroad.


31.   Santy  :  Nobody can buy the computer. It’s …

              Expensive for us.

     Bella   :  I know, but remember we badly need it,

              Don’t we?

     Santy   :  That’s right but let’s try to get the cheap one.


A.       rather                         C.  fairly

B.       a bit                           D.  too


32.  Laila  :  I dropped by Mr. Alfa’s house but I met … there.

    Pesta  :  Did anybody tell you where he went?

    Laila   :  No.


A.       everyone                         C.  anyone

B.       someone                         D.  no one


33.  Choose the right order of the following sentences.

    1.  It takes please within three or more days.

    2.  The more important the person who dies, the more

        Buffaloes they kill.

    3.  It is carried out in honour of the dead person.

    4.  One of the Torajan traditions is the funeral.

    5.  It is done by slaughtering a water bufallo.


A.       2, 5, 4, 3, 1                      C.  4, 3, 5, 4, 1

B.       2, 3, 5, 4, 1                      D.  4, 3, 5, 2, 1


34.  Ulfa   :  Look at the interior of the bus, Unang!

    Unang  :  Wow! … The fare must be expensive.

A.       What a comfortable bus it is!

B.       What kind of bus it is!

C.       What is the price of the bus?

D.       How expensive the bus is!


Bacaan untuk soal nomor 35 sampai dengan 38.




35.   What is the letter about?

      A.  Compalining about the service.

      B.  Informing about the meeting.

      C.  Replaying the complaint.

      D.  Asking for information.


36.   Why was the writer late for meeting?


  Because … 


 A.      The flight to Medan was delayed  


 B.      He didn’t knows the time


 C.      He attend another activity


D.      He forgot the flight schedule


37.   Which is NOT TRUE about the writer according to the letter?

      A.  His office is in Medan.

      B.  He wrote a letter to the manager.

      C.  He didn’t feel disappointed with the service.

      d.  He realizes how important the customers are.


38.  The letter tells us that the writer …

    A.  was happy with the service

    B.  attracts the manager’s attention

    C.  didn’t like the customers

    D.  used garuda to Medan many times


39.  Rini  :  Did you see the play in the cultural night?

       Bella  :  Yes, I did. But the story was boring and the Actors were not good.

       Rini   :  … you did not watch the play up to the end  And went home

      Bella  :  You’re right.


A.       Because                    C.  Though


B.       So                             D.  However



Bacaan untuk soal nomor 40 dan 41.


Andi    :  I’m sorry to bother you, but may I read your newspaper?

Pedro   :  Certainly, please do. Here you are.

Andi    :  Thank you. By the way do you buy it everyday?

Pedro   :  No, I … (40) to it. I can save 35%.

Andi    :  What about the magazine? I mean what magazine do you read?

Pedro   :  Film magazine. It is … (41) weekly.



40.  A.  subscribe                      C.  borrow

       B.  describe                       D.  announce


41.  A.  bought                         C.  promoted

      B.  published                      D.  programmed


42 .  Rinto  :  The plant is lack of water.

       Anti   :  I agree with you. It is … for the tree to produce fruits.


A.       Certain                          C.  positive


B.       Possible                         D.  impossible


43.  Sandra  :  Oh, it’s a beautiful flower! May I go to the garden, please?

       Tyas     :  Certainly, but …! You mustn’t pick up any flowers or you’ll
                       Be fined.



A.       look out                           C.  be careful


B.       watch them                      D.  find out



44.  Sari   :   Can we eat these berries?

    Indah  :   Yes, we can. Like the red berries, black berries are edible.

    Sari   :   Have you ever tasted them?

    Indah  :   No, I haven’t, and you?

    Sari    :  I haven’t …


A.       too                             C.  neither


B.       either                          D.  so


45.  Yuni     :  Mom, is an ostrich a bird?

      Mother  :  Yes, it is

    Yuni     :  It can’t fly, can it?

    Mother  :  No, it can’t. Most birds can fly, … an ostrich can’t.


46.  X:  What do the Olympic Games consist of?

    Y:  The summer games and the winter games … are

        Held every four years.


A.       Both                           C.  Not only


B.       All                             D.  None of


47.  A:  The Thai football players looked so confident when they

             Were facing the Indonesian football team at Sea Games

             Events last year. What do you think about that?

      B:  They looked like that because they were so sure that they

           Could play … attractively, and more coopreatively than the

           Indonesian team and they could win the match.


A.       Less                        C.  more


B.       least                        D.  most


48.  It belongs to reptile; it has four legs.

      It uses its tail as weapon when it fights.

      It is originally from one of the islands of the Indonesian Archipelago.

      People call its name the same as its place of origin. What animal

     Is it?


A.       Crocodile                         C.  Phyton


B.       Alligator                          D.  Komodo


49.  Yuni  :  Will you come to the meeting?

       Bob   :  I don’t knoe. I can’t make up my mind

                   What’s the topic we’re going to talk about?

      Yuni  :  Water supplies for our village. It’s interesting I think,

                   Isn’t it?

       Bob   :  Okay then. I will come if it …


50.  Anto  :   Indonesia has to import rice next year.

      Mike  :   How come ? Indonesia is an agricultural country.

      Anto  :   There are some reasons for that.

     Mike  :   Like what?

     Anto  :   The harvest failed … natural disasters occurred.


A.       although                 C.  but 


B.       Because                  D.  and



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 Kunci Jawaban

26. C
27. A
28. A
29. D
30. B
31. D
32. D
33. D
34. A
35. A
36. A
37. C
38. C
39. A
40. A
41. B
42. D
43. C
44. A
45. C
46. A
47. C
48. D
49. D
50. B