Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP


 Soal-soal B. Inggris

Bacaan untuk soal nomor 1 dan 2




1.    Where does Vicky live?

      A.  Near Hyde Park Street          C.  On Hyde Park Street

      B.  On Lakeland Street               D.  Near Lakeland Street


2.    "...because he is very clever and kind." (line 4)

       What does "he" refer to?

A.      Donny                      C.  Magic Sloanne

B.      Bryan                       D.  Vicky Martinez



3.    Librarian      : Your library card please?

      Student         : Oops... I forgot to bring it.

      Librarian      : So, you can't borrow this book.

      A. How come                     C.  I'm sorry

      B. I'm sad                          D.  With my pleasure


4.     Mr. Ali          :   It was such a good presentation. Who is she?

       Mr. Burhan     :   That's my new secretary.

       Mr. Ali         :   Tell me more about her.

       Mr. Burhan     :   Well, she is not only smart but also...3 languages very well.

       A. will speak                    C.  can speak

       B. has spoken                   D.  is speaking


5.     Susanti        :   Can I have some apples, please?

       Salesman     :   ...do you want?

       Susanti       :  The Australian ones, please!

       A.  How many                  C.  Which

       B.  How much                  D.  What


6.     Rinto           :   Hello, I'm back.

      Mother        :   Oh hi, nice to see you again.

                        How was your camping?

      Rinto          :   It was great. It was an exciting experience.

      Mother        :   I'm happy to hear that.



7.    Rini             :   How much water do you need to water the flowers?

      Putri             :   Only some...My garden is not as large as yours.

      A. glasses                       C.  spoonfuls

      B. pails                           D.  pools



Bacaan untuk soal nomor 8 sampai dengan 10.



Son            :   Father, I have a sore throat. I cannot swallow the food

Father        :   Have you taken medicine?

Son            :   Yes, but it doesn't get better.

Father        :   Now you should go to a doctor.

Son            :   No, I am afraid of a doctor.

Father        :   But why?

Son            :   I don't want to be injected.

Father        :   But you have too. Now ask mother to take you to a doctor.


8.  What does his father suggest his son to do?

      A.  To drink medicine.             C.  To swallow medicine.

      B. To visit a doctor.                  D.  To stay at home


9.   From the dialogue we know that Father and his son are at...

      A.  a hospital                           C.  a doctor's room

      B.  school                                D.  home


10.  "Father, I have a sore throat" (line one)

    The underlined word in sentence means the...the mouth.

    A.  back part of                    C.  passage in

    B.  front of                           D.  side part of


11.  Tono    :  Oh, my stomatch hurts.

               Can you get me "Diatabs", please?

               It is on a table.

    Tina     :  ...Here it is.

    Tono    :  Thank you.

    A.  Of course you are                C.   Never mid

    B.  I doubt                                 D.   certainly


12.  Tri     :  Hi Reza. Have you got any plans on Sunday?

     Reza   :  Yes, I'm going to go to the book shop, and you?

     Tri    :  Hm, I...my favourite tailor tomorrow. I want to havea pair

              of trousers sewn.

     A.  visit                               C.  visited

     B.  will visit                       D.  have visited


13. Dinda     :  What about my new dress, Mother?

     Mother    :  Don't worry. Your father...a lovely evening dress for you.

     Dinda     :  Really? Why didn't he tell me?

     Mother    :  It will be a suprise, won't it?



Bacaan untuk soal nomor 14 sampai dengan 18.




14.  Where do many people like to live?

    A.  In a city                          C.  in a country side

    B.  in a village                     D.  Near the rural area


15.  What is the main idea of paragraph I?

    A.  Living in a city is very crowded.

    B.  The reasons why people prefer living in a city

    C.  Many jobs are available in cities.

    D.  Means of transportation in a city.


16.  People like to live in a city because …

    A.  it is often very busy

    B.  it is easy to earn a living

    C.  there are a lot of shopping centres

    D.  all facilities are available there


17.  Most villagers enjoy …

    A.  their home town                C.  natural life

    B.  the natural food                 D.  the easy life


18.  “Some of them find that rural life is quite backward.” (paragraph 3)

    The word “them” refer to …

A.       villagers                       C.  rural lives

B.       workers                        D.  natural lives


19.   Carla   :  What do you plan to do next Sunday?

     Sherly  :  Nothing. What about you?

     Carla   :  I … the zoo. Can you join me?

     Sherly  :  Sure. Thank you.


20.  X  :  Have you been to the BOA bank?

    Y  :  Yes, why?

    X  :  … is the service?

    Y  :  It’s satisfying.

A.       How brave                     C.  How long

B.       How good                      D.  How high


21.  Dinda   :  There’s West Life show in Senayan … to see it, Mom?

    Mother  :  I’m afraid not. It will be very crowded. And it’s dangerous for a

              young girl like you.

A.       Do you go                     C.  Can I go

B.       Did I go                        D.  Will I go



Bacaan untuk soal nomor 22 dan 23.






22.  How many people have seen the films at Atrium in three months?

    A.  24,086                               C.  25,626

    B.  24,733                               D.  26,243


23.  Which cinema has been audience?

    A.  Nusantara                       C.  Atrium

    B.  Plaza Senayan                D.  Metropole



24.   X  :  Is Puncak Pass resort near here?

        Y  :  Yes, it is. 

        X  :  … It’s, about 100 kilometers from here.


Y  :  Oh, really?  


A.       I disagree with you.              C.  I quite agree. 


B.       I think so too.                       D.  It certainly is.


25.  Look at the picture


Good Quality

Rp. 4,250,000.00         

        FREE REPAIRS   




Rp. 2,700,000.00                                           Rp. 510,000.00



    According to the pictures, the refrigerator is …


        A.  as expensive as the computer 

B.  More expensive than the television 


C.       Much cheaper than the television 


D.       The most expensive of all



     Cukup sekian dulu Soal Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP, pada kesempatan yang akan datang

akan dilanjutkan kembali. Semoga berguna dan selamat belajar.

Kunci Jawaban :

1.   A

2.   D

3.   C

4.   C

5.   C

6.   A

7.   B

8.   B

9.   D

10. C

11. A

12. B

13. B

14. A

15. A

16. B

17. C

18. A

19. B

20. B

21. D

22. A

23. C

24. A

25. B